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Republican Forwarding Unitary Enterprise «BELINTERTRANS – Transport-Logistics Center» (i.e. BTLC State Enterprise) was established by integration of two largest organizations of the Belarusian Railway on March 2, 2009. The enterprise operates combining the terminal facilities of «Minskzheldortrans» and forwarding activities of «Belintertrans». Read more

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“BELINTERTRANS – Transport-Logistics Centre” renders following forwarding services to its customers in the territory of the Republic of Belarus and other states:

  • cargo organization by any means of transport;
  • agreement of the route and the order of cargo handling by several transport means in case of combined transportation;
  • consolidation and deconsolidation of cargo shipments;
  • reporting of cargo and accompanying documents to customs authorities (declaring);
  • payment of duties, fees and other payments related to transport and logistics services;
  • settlement of payments with participants of transport-forwarding activities;
  • consulting on cargo transportation issues;
  • information services related to cargo transportation;
  • provision of services concerning border and transport veterinary control;
  • customs cargo safekeeping in temporary storage and customs warehouse at Stepianka and Kolyadichy stations;

  • cargo loading and unloading services;

  • cargo insurance;
  • cargo escorting during transportation by several means of transport in case of combined transportation;

  • participation in execution of shipping, cargo escorting and other documents necessary for cargo handling;

  • international cargo traffic by 20, 40-feet containers;

  • logistics of cargo in specialized trains; 
  • other services connected with cargo transportation.

 Our professionalism and the BTLC staff efficiency play a significant part in provision of services to our partners.

 Our concern is the acceleration and the quality of cargo delivery to the customer.


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Freight Charges Calculation

The BTLC specialists will calculate the cargo transportation fares for you and they will give a detailed answer about the rates of tariff and supplementary duties. Every received request is considered as soon as possible. The enterprise price policy is flexible and oriented to the both parties’ interests satisfaction.


Tel.: (+375 17) 225-42-23

Table of tariff calculation.