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Republican Forwarding Unitary Enterprise «BELINTERTRANS – Transport-Logistics Center» (i.e. BTLC State Enterprise) was established by integration of two largest organizations of the Belarusian Railway on March 2, 2009. The enterprise operates combining the terminal facilities of «Minskzheldortrans» and forwarding activities of «Belintertrans». Read more

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Container Train

Today container transportation is one of the most economical types of cargo transportation in international traffic. Containerized cargo transportation is a priority direction of forwarding activity of the company and it has a number of advantages compared to other shipping types:

  • The cost of transportation of cargo in containers is low in comparison with other variants of transportation;
  • The cost of container traffic is low due to not making transshipment operations when transporting cargo by several types of transport (multimodal transportation);
  • Container transportation has a high level of security;
  • Container transportation may be carried out from door to door;
  • Transporting cargo in containers is most applicable in international freight and cargo transportation over long distances.

State Enterprise "BTLC" has an ability to deliver containers to the warehouse of the consignee with the latest and unique equipment for Belarus – sideloaders. You can learn more about the delivery of goods by sidelifters here.

"BELINTERTRANS - transport and logistics center", in cooperation with the railways of Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, Mongolia, Estonia, Latvia, organized the international container shipping on favorable terms. 

Today several projects of specialized container trains are implemented:

«Viking» — train of combined transport, which includes universal and specialized containers of various sizes, as well as trucks with trailers (contrailers). Its route passes through the territory: Lithuania — Belarus — Ukraine — Moldova — Romania (overland route); Lithuania — Belarus — Ukraine (Odessa port/Ilychevsk continue by sea) — Georgia (Poti/Batumi — Tbilisi-uzlovaya/Garbani) – Bulgaria (port of Varna) — Turkey.

«ZUBR» — international container train on the route Estonia — Latvia — Belarus — Ukraine — Moldova. The train includes flatcars with universal and specialized containers, including refrigerated.

«Mercury» — a joint project of Russian, Lithuanian and the Belarusian Railways. Transportation is organized along the route Kaliningrad (Russia)/Draugyste (Lithuania) — (Belarus) — Moscow (Russia) and back.

«Neman» — specialized contrailer train on the route Kolyadichy (Belarus) — Kaunas(Lithuania) —  Kolyadichy (Belarus).

«BUG» — contrailer train, which runs along the route Malasheviche (Poland) — Kolyadichy/Pinsk/ Orsha-Central (Belarus) — Malasheviche (Poland). 

Container trains connecting the EU and Asia:  

Mongolia - Western Europe – Mongolia

«Mongolian Vector» — international container train, which follows the route Brest (Belarus) — Osinovka (Belarus)/ Krasnoe (Russia) — Naushki  (Russia)/ Sukhe-Bator (Mongolia) — Ulan Bator (Mongolia).

Kazakhstan – Western Europe – Kazakhstan

«SKODA» — Mlada Boleslav (The Czech Republic) — Brest-North (Belarus) — Osinovka (Belarus)/Krasnoe (Russia) — Kartaly I (Russia) /Aksu (Kazakhstan) — Zashchita (Kazakhstan).

«KIA» — Zhilina (Slovakia) — Brest-North (Belarus) — Osinovka (Belarus) / Krasnoe (Russia) — Kartaly I (Russia) /Aksu (Kazakhstan)     —   Zashchita (Kazakhstan). 

«Hyndai» — Vratimov (The Czech Republic) — Brest-Severny (Belarus)  — Osinovka (Belarus) / Krasnoe (Russia) — Kartaly I (Russia) /Aksu (Kazakhstan)  — Kustanay (Kazakhstan) and back.

China – Western Europe – China

«Wuhan  —  Pardubice» 

Wuhan (China) — Alashankou (China)/ Dostyk (Kazakhstan) — Iletsk I (Kazakhstan)/ Kanisay (Russia) — Krasnoe (Russia)/ Osinovka  (Belarus) — Brest-Central (Belarus)/ Malasheviche (Poland) — Pardubice (The Czech Republic).

«Wuhan — Hamburg» 

Wuhan (China) —  Alashankou (China)/ Dostyk (Kazakhstan) — Iletsk I (Kazakhstan)/ Kanisay (Russia) — Krasnoe (Russia)/Osinovka  (Belarus) — Brest-Central (Belarus)/ Malasheviche (Poland) — Hamburg (Germany).

«Zhengzhou — Hamburg» (through Kazakhstan)  

Zhengzhou (China) — Alashankou (China)/ Dostyk (Kazakhstan) —  Iletsk I (Kazakhstan)/ Kanisay (Russia) — Krasnoe (Russia)/ Osinovka (Belarus) — Brest-Central (Belarus)/ Malasheviche (Poland) — Hamburg (Germany) and back.

«Zhengzhou — Hamburg» (through Mongolia) 

Zhengzhou (China) — Erlyan (China)/ Zamyn-Uud (Mongolia) —   Sukhe-Bator (Mongolia)/ Naushki (Russia) — Krasnoe (Russia)/ Osinovka (Belarus) — Brest-Central (Belarus)/ Malasheviche (Poland) — Hamburg (Germany) and back.

«Hefei —  Hamburg» 

Hefei (China)  — Alashankou (China)/ Dostyk (Kazakhstan) — Iletsk I (Kazakhstan)/ Kanisay (Russia) — Krasnoe (Russia)/ Osinovka  (Belarus) — Brest-Central (Belarus)/ Malasheviche (Poland) —  Hamburg (Germany).

«Lanzhou — Hamburg» 

Lanzhou (China) — Alashankou (China)/ Dostyk (Kazakhstan) — Iletsk I (Kazakhstan)/ Kanisay (Russia) — Krasnoe (Russia)/ Osinovka (Belarus) — Brest-Central (Belarus)/ Malasheviche (Poland) — Hamburg (Germany). 

«New silk way» 

Chongqing (China) — Alashankou (China)/ Dostyk (Kazakhstan) – Iletsk I (Kazakhstan)/ Kanisay (Russia) — Krasnoe (Russia)/ Osinovka (Belarus) — Brest-Central (Belarus)/ Malasheviche (Poland) — Hamburg (Germany) and back.

In cooperation with JSC TransContainer: 

«BMW» follows the route Leipzig (Germany) — Brest (Belarus) — Zabaykalsk (Russia) — Shenyang (China). Regular transportation of components for the production of BMW cars at the plant in Shenyang City (Eastern China).

«Volkswagen Group Rus» — container train running from the factories of Volkswagen in Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland via Belarus to the assembly line at the plant in the Kaluga region Perspectivnaja and Nizhny Novgorod.  

State enterprise “BTLC” is the operator of container trains on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. The advantages of container trains are the preferential tariffs for the transportation, rapid customs clearance, fixed timetable, informational support, preservation of the cargo.