Freight forwarding

BTLC State Enterprise invites freight owners and forwarders to cooperate in the provision of freight forwarding services. Professional qualified freight forwarding ensures the safety of their delivery and the solution of organizational, legislative, customs and other issues. The process of transport forwarding is accompanied by a full cycle of control of the cargo from the shipper's warehouse to the consignee's warehouse.

Freight forwarding services include:

• processing and analysis of information received from the client;

• coordination of  conditions and procedure for the cargo transportation with the railway administrations of Belarus and other States;

• search (selection) of rolling stock and control of its advance on the Belarusian Railway and roads of other States;

• mutual settlements with customers, control of cash receipts.

BTLC State Enterprise is a recognized professional in the market of transport services and guarantees the high level of service to its customers during the provision of ordered freight forwarding services.

Our customers receive:

• consulting and organizational assistance of highly qualified specialists in the field of freight forwarding services;

• strict compliance with the agreed conditions of transport forwarding and operational control over the cargoes passage;

• optimization of delivery overheads, based on the characteristics of the freight forwarded;

• organization of customs clearance;

• freight-forwarding services for cargo of any item;

• loading and unloading support;

• prompt response to possible problems during transportation and freight forwarding.

Over the years of work in the transport logistics market, BTLC State Enterprise has gained tremendous experience and an excellent reputation in the field of freight forwarding services. Our specialists are ready to provide you with detailed information on the transportation, cost and terms of delivery time of your cargo at any time!

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