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Republican Forwarding Unitary Enterprise «BELINTERTRANS – Transport-Logistics Center» (i.e. BTLC State Enterprise) was established by integration of two largest organizations of the Belarusian Railway on March 2, 2009. The enterprise operates combining the terminal facilities of «Minskzheldortrans» and forwarding activities of «Belintertrans». Read more

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Delivery Door to door

Door to door delivery

Cargo delivery "from door to door" is a service that represents a full cycle of delivery from the shipper's warehouse to the warehouse of the consignee. Transportation of cargo "from door to door" is a complex multistep process. Cargo shipments can combine multiple types of transport: rail, road, sea and air. To simplify the transportation of goods for customers, the experts of the state enterprise “BTLC” will fully undertake the organization of cargo delivery “from door to door”.

Delivery of goods inside Belarus

Transportation of goods around Minsk, Belarus with the state enterprise "BTLC" is a fast and economical way to meet logistic needs. The cargo can be delivered from any railway station in Belarus to its destination in the shortest possible time. Recently, the service of transportation of goods has become much easier and faster thanks to the acquisition of sideloaders.


Sideloader is a container-truck with a capability of side loading. With its help, loading and unloading of containers from the “ground”, from railway and auto container platforms anywhere became possible without warehouse or terminal equipment, cranes. The functionality and flexibility of sidelifters can significantly reduce the time required for the delivery of containers. A 20-feet or a 40-feet container can be delivered and unloaded in a warehouse not equipped to operate with large-capacity containers. “HAMMAR” sideloaders – is unique equipment for Belarus, which is owned by the company “BELINTERTRANS, transport and logistics center”.

You can order the delivery of cargo by car when you make an order for transportation from the specialists of our company, or when receiving the cargo at the station.