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Republican Forwarding Unitary Enterprise «BELINTERTRANS – Transport-Logistics Center» (i.e. BTLC State Enterprise) was established by integration of two largest organizations of the Belarusian Railway on March 2, 2009. The enterprise operates combining the terminal facilities of «Minskzheldortrans» and forwarding activities of «Belintertrans». Read more

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Logistics through the neighbor

12 2011

"TransContainer" has strengthened the western direction.

Belarusian Railway (BC) and JSC "TransContainer" signed an agreement of intent to establish a joint venture to provide integrated logistics services.

The joint venture will provide a comprehensive service at the terminal station of Brest. For this purpose, according to general director of "TransContainer" Peter Baskakov, it is planned to form a single terminal infrastructure, ensure the development of production facilities and to introduce modern IT-technology.

It is assumed that the joint venture will be established on a parity basis. The Volume of investments and the capital structure is still under discussion. The business plan will be drafted in the first half of 2012.

According to the first deputy chief of Belarusian Railways Vladimir Mikhailuk, the agreement stipulates that the Belarusian side is able to provide "TransContainer" its terminal assets. So far the option of long-term lease is considered.

The main land transport corridor between Europe and Russia (ITC № 2) passes through Brest. Within this corridor there are several projects of "TransContainer" and its partners. The main ones are: "Volkswagen" (delivery of auto kits for "Volkswagen" and "Peugeot-Citroen" corporations to Kaluga), "Moskvich" (regular container transportation between Duisburg and Moscow), train Chongqing - Duisburg (transportation of high-tech, luxury goods from China to Germany), as well as transportation of BMW auto parts from Europe to China. In 2010 the ITC № 2 carried more than 165.5 thousand TEUs, the predicted volume in 2011 is more than 180 thousand TEUs.

"It would be appropriate to unite container flows in a single terminal and logistics center – said the General Director of "TransContainer ". - Now wagons are under the technological operations for up to three days in the Brest-Malashevichi hub (Poland. - Ed.). The introduction of new technology will significantly reduce the turnover of wagons and freight. "

There are some other facts that denote that the transportation of ITC № 2 is not as "smooth" as we would like to. According to General Director of JSC "RZD Logistics" (the company is a freight forwarder of cargo on the territories of Russia and Belarus in the project "Peugeot-Citroen") Pavel Sokolov, due to the fact that trains from Russia to Europe are chronically behind the schedule, there is a discrepancy with European trains. As a result, the client (in this case it is a strategic partner of "TransContainer" with "Peugeot-Citroen" - the company GEFCO) is dissatisfied with such service, as he is forced to pay for idle time of containers.

"If we can make customs clearance of cargo that is now going to Russia in Brest (now we do it in Moscow. - Ed.), we can organize a stable running of trains. Then the volume will increase by several times", - said Pavel Sokolov.


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