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"Ukrzaliznytsia" requests ports to develop its infrastructure

11 2011

State Administration of Railway Transport of Ukraine ("Ukrzaliznytsia") requests the active participation of the ports in the development of the railway port infrastructure.

The occasion was the conclusion of the agency about non-compliance with policy directive, which determines the development of the rail component of ports - "The industry program for the integrated development of the railway infrastructure of port processing facilities, port stations and approaches to them until 2015" (approved June 11, 2009).

"The scale of disproportion between the processing capacity of ports and railway stations adjacent to them, due to failure to implement commitment of marine industry to develop railway infrastructure becomes menacing," - said "Ukrzaliznytsia".

In particular, port companies ignore the provision of the Charter of the Ukrainian railways that the gridiron of the stations associated with an increase in traffic on the railway sidings of serviced companies is to be realized at the expense of materials and resources of these enterprises (Art. 66 of the Charter). "Those obligations are ignored by ports, whereas there were considerable investments (construction of new berths and cargo fronts) in the development of ports in recent years, that is why processing capacity at ports and railway stations adjacent to them, do not meet each other," - stated the carrier.

Considering the situation, "Ukrzaliznytsia" requests for an activation of work on the development of railway infrastructure from port companies. According to the administration the ports must at their own expense build such facilities as additional ways, junction openings of adjacent stations, etc. "Ports should be more actively involved in the development of railway infrastructure, in order not to restrain cargo," - said "Ukrzaliznytsia".

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