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Russian Railways offers market participants to develop a through rate for delivery to the port

11 2011

JSC "RZD" offers market participants to develop a new technological service – through rate for delivery to the port.

However, a lot of participants of the transportation chain, their different interests and the absence of legislation make the problem intractable.

"Now the price of transportation consists of many elements: you have to pay to the owner of the terminal, stevedores for storage services, re-marking and private operators, - said the president of JSC" RZD "Vladimir Yakunin, on a meeting of the European Business Association. - Every business aims to get the maximum income, and as the result we cut the goose, that lays golden eggs. We propose that the cargo owner is to pay for the carriage, and only after that the other members of this chain can sort out where is theirs share”. According to the head of the company, through rate would allow the cargo owner to understand how much it will cost him to transport his goods in the port during the year, and more accurately predict the volume of traffic, which ultimately will increase the freight turnover.

However the law "About Sea ports", adopted in late 2007, creates considerable difficulties; since the Port Authority is now engaged only in state objectives rather than commercial and the economic status of the economic entity has also changed. So, the stevedores are not consignees. And there is a formal paradox: they can’t be partners in the handling. In the Russian Railways say that, in fact, there is nobody to talk about the flat rate in the ports. Now the forwarders and the Russian Railways enter into separate contracts with shippers, but there is no "transparent" flat rate.

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