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Republican Forwarding Unitary Enterprise «BELINTERTRANS – Transport-Logistics Center» (i.e. BTLC State Enterprise) was established by integration of two largest organizations of the Belarusian Railway on March 2, 2009. The enterprise operates combining the terminal facilities of «Minskzheldortrans» and forwarding activities of «Belintertrans». Read more

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Meeting in Riga.

03 2013

On February 7, 2013 in Riga, a meeting between the head of the Belarusian Railway Vladimir Morozov and the president of the Latvian Railway Ugis Magonis was held, during which the parties discussed issues of the Belarusian-Latvian cooperation in the area of transportation and transit, as well as the results of the joint work on the cargo traffic during the past year and the possibility of its increase in 2013. A significant volume of the transit of Belarusian cargo has been noted. In 2012, about 31.7 million tons of cargo was transported by the Belarusian railway in cooperation with the Latvian railway, which confirms that Latvia is one of the most important partners of the Republic of Belarus in the international cargo traffic.

An example of the effective cooperation is a joint project of the railway administrations of Belarus, Latvia, Estonia and Ukraine in cargo traffic by container train «ZUBR», which route has connected the ports of Latvia and Estonia with the ports of the Black Sea. After Moldova has joined the project in 2012, during the last year almost 11,000 of 20-foot containers were proceeded by train “ZUBR”, that is 4 times more than in 2011.

Latvia, in its turn, has expressed an interest in realization of joint projects in creation of logistics infrastructure in the port of Riga. Such projects between countries’ railways will allow to optimize transportation and shipment of Belarusian cargo through the ports of Latvia. Therefore, the issue of further development of transit cooperation between Belarus and Latvia today remains relevant and are constantly working to improve the competitiveness of the rail transport. The Belarusian party investigates the possibility of building their own terminals and the development of concomitant transport infrastructure.

Among the priority areas for further development - the preservation and the enhance of attractiveness of the direction Belarus-Latvia in transit cargo traffic from Russia and Kazakhstan, including, electrifying the direction Smolensk-Vitebsk-Polotsk-Daugavpils-Riga.