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Illichevsk Merchant Sea port reduced the transshipment of goods by 12% for 10 months

11 2011

IllichevskMerchantSeaport (Ukraine) reduced the transshipment of goods by 11.7% over the same period of 2010 - up to 10.998 million tons for 10 months of 2011. Over 1.4 million tons of port volumes were lost.

   According to the results of 2010 the port reduced the transshipment by 7.5% (up to 15.05 million tons), for the 1st half of 2011 -  by13.5% (to 6.7 million).

   Last month the reduction was 17.2% as compared to October 2010 (to 1.12 million tons). At the same time the growth of the previous month was 25.4% (+23 thousand tons). Among different articles that add volumes there are Hire (84% by September of 2011), Iron (42%, respectively), Cars (37%), Vegetable oils (78%), Press cake (75%).

   In 2010, Illichevsk reduced seriously the transshipment of grains and metal-roll, and increased the transshipment of containers, ore cargoes, iron and vehicles.