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The reconstruction of the freight station Kolyadichi

02 2013

In the 2013, modernization of a freight station Kolyadichi, which is a part of the state enterprise "BTLC", was planned by the Belarusian Railway. Modernization plan consists of 5 stages, in which following activities are planned: construction of a new railway warehouse, construction of a new modern office, and the installation of gantry crane on the heavy-weight yard with lifting capacity of 30 tons. The realization of this project will make the freight station Kolyadichi one of the best terminals of the Belarusian Railway, providing a full range of highly standart services, appropriate to customer-oriented marketing concept of the state enterprise "BTLC".

It is worth saying that freight station Kolyadichi is a leading element in the logistics system of Belarusian Railway. The station is processing a main part of transit, export, import and inland traffic. The total volume of processed goods in the 2012 was more than 191 000 tonns.